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Welcome, Zelda Fans!

The Legend of Zelda: Storms of Evil

SoE is a game created by the Tridion team, a game development company. This game is absolutely unofficial, meaning it won't be selled for profit or anything like that. You can download it for free! Storms of Evil is not a trademark either, for Zelda is © Nintendo.

What's the game about? Well, take a look around the site and find out then!

Game Development Staff

Manager - Adam Cook (Blue Falkon/CC)
Programmer - Cody Harris (CHarris)
Music Composers - Johnathan Palmer (Morphix), Adam Cook (Blue Falkon/CC)
Graphic Managers - Adam Cook (Blue Falkon/CC), Gad Deutcsh (StellarWind Elsydeon)
Map Planners - Adam Cook (Blue Falkon/CC), Ruben Sibon (MadMoblin)

SoE and Site Copyright 2004 Tridion Software. Base site layout by http://www.quickness.uni.cc. All Rights Reserved.

Zelda © Nintendo (http//nintendo.com)

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